Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why Are All Baby Animals So Cute??

Sorry guys, this one's going to be a short one.

Classes were very lengthy today and I couldn't wait to get snorkeling in the afternoon. We were continuing our seagrass and mangrove identifications (again) and snorkeled off of a small island called Moxybush. Its just a mangrove island, but theres lots of things to see around it. We practiced calling out ridiculous sounding scientific names ("Thalassium testudinum!", "Condylactis gigantea!") and snorkeled around for a while. We saw so many smaller fish, as the mangrove roots are a great fish nursery, but more importantly, we saw some baby barracudas. SO CUTE! They aren't as wary of humans so you can get pretty close and they are just freakin adorable! Im jealous of the other groups though, because they saw at least 5 Lemon sharks at once, something I've wanted to see since we got here. But oh well! We had lots of free time here today because our exam is coming up and tomorrow is a dive/community outreach day. There is no homework until Thursday night and I'm already confident about my ID exam. I took time to play games with people, talk to our on-site dive master, take my first freshwater shower (yay!!!!). It felt so good to shave my legs again, agh! My activities planning board played sardines tonight just to involve everyone and it was fairly successful. After that, I took a walk with Jareb into town on an ice cream hunt, but only ended up finding Yoohoo! in a can. Our walk turned fairly philosophical, and Im very fortunate to have so many new friends that are all passionate, level headed, and enthusiastic. No offense Santa Clara! :D

The evening finished off with me doling out haircuts. I gave Stephen a pretty professional looking mohawk and helped him design more of his tattoo, and Im up for another hair cut tomorrow. It seems everybody has their trade to offer here. Liz is doing hair wraps for all the girls, Leah has made bracelets and anklets, I seem to be cutting hair, and Ruthie is trading back massages. It's become quite the little community of offerings when we dont have luxuries from home anymore. However, we did find out that a whole head of cornroes is only $10 here :) Sometimes I just dont understand the pricing structure on this island!

Now its time for your input! What do you, the readers want to hear more of in this blog? More descriptions? People? Activities? Let me know and I'll adjust what I write about :) Goodnight moon.

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  1. Hey Hoppy. Great stuff, don't change a thing. Having a great time reading about all your adventures, it makes me feel like I'm right there with you.