Thursday, September 16, 2010

But Why is All the Hair Gone?

Wow, what a day!

We had our first exam, in the water this morning. Our instructor pointed out species and we had to write their scientific names down. It wasn't really all that hard, Im sure I aced it. It started to downpour when we were on the water though, beautiful warm rain :) And I KNOW you are all waiting for my pictures and such, but we haven't been able to take our cameras diving too much, we have to get a little better first. I am a fish in the water so I've been dying to take the camera out, I know I can handle it, but other students are still beginners and snorkeling, diving, and marine activities in general.

I took the most lovely nap when I got back until lunchtime, after which we had a small excel worksheet to finish. And by small I mean 2 hours. Luckily, even that went fast because my partner Ben is an engineer and both of us were very familiar with excel and how to calculate those sort of problems. The rest of the evening was fairly leisurely. We played volleyball with a few locals, had dinner and I went to read some of my papers for tomorrow.

As I was halfway done with the last one, Mikenna came into the computer room wanting to know who I borrowed clippers from to shave Stephens head. When I asked her why, she told me she wanted me to shave hers! I couldn't believe it but she was dead serious and she didn't change her mind, so we got the supplies together and gathered a substantial crew and went to shave her head in her room. We convinced her that she had a wonderful face for an edgy female-mohawk and I set to work, rather nervously, chopping her hair off in pieces, chunks and stripes. The energy in the room was intense as I worked to make it look good and give her the haircut she wanted. I must say though, it came out FABULOUS. She looks amazing with her faux-hawk/comb-over and I can't believe I pulled that one off! We went into town to celebrate the success of sponteneity and the crew grabbed some beers and chicken. We had an all-around good time bonding; we were only out for an hour, but we met some cool locals, played dominos and got more comforable around each other as a family, not just friends or schoolmates.

Im exhausted, but its been an exciting day and lots to show for it!


AFTER!!! (Stephen, Me, Mikenna, and Alex)

Tyler, Chase, and Alex

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  1. I can see it now...Kat McHenry-stylist to the biologists. Nice job on the faux-hawk. Great story.