Friday, October 8, 2010

Top 10 Day

Exam day! Thank god for having an hour before the test to study. My environmental policy test was today, but went fairly well, the concepts were easy to grasp. After the test I was exhausted and I took one of the top 10 best naps ever. Very cozy, very comfy, very restful. After lunch, I began studying for my Resource Management test tomorrow, and took my time leisurely reviewing lecture slides. Around 4, Leah and the hip hop group headed over to the proposed site for One World Day tomorrow to practice our dancing. One World Day is a island-wide celebration of culture and traditions from all the countries of the nationalities represented on the island. Theres music and dancing, some sort of performance from each group and food!!! Leah has prepared a cool choreography to a remix of American Boy and 9 of us are going to perform at the festival tomorrow night. I must say, it looks pretty good! I'll have someone record it and post it hopefully. We practiced for a good hour and went back to the Center.

I grabbed Chase to go for a snorkel before dinner, but I was unprepared for how fantastic the snorkel was actually going to be. The visibility was PHENOMENAL and there was absolutely no waves or surge or pulse or whathaveyou. It was amazing. There were so many fish out and right away we saw a cool porcupine fish just resting at my favorite spot, the anchor. Chase and I snorkeled all the way out to the jetty, where visibility is usually just "eh" at the point, and really terrible at the jetty shore (terrible meaning you cant see your toes). Today however, it was clear as a bell all the way in to the sand. We got to explore tiny cavities in the cliff face, swim amongst the jetty rocks and do so with precision. Theres a great sea glass collection location at the shore, but its usually so cloudy that you can't venture all the way to it. Today, we spent 20 minutes picking up really neat colored seaglass and we finally made it back in to dinner 15 minutes late, but totally worth it. Another top 10 event.

The fumes from the cupcakes being made in the kitched were absolutely intoxicating. The Center is making hundreds of cupcakes for One World Day and its utterly impossible to not be hungry. The rest of the evening will be spent studying and taking numerous breaks for tea, hot cocoa, bagels, and buying snacks for sunday when all the stores are closed and food is scarce at the center because students prepare it.

NOTE: zoom in on the damselfish and sharpnose pufferfish pictures to really see the coloring and patterns on the pufferfish and the damselfish. Way cool, great camera zoom :)

Trumpetfish (Aulostomus maculatus)

GORGEOUS damselfish

Sharpnose pufferfish (Canthigaster rostrata)

Swimming over a sea pearl (Ventricaria ventricosa)

Porcupinefish at the anchor

Porcupinefish (Diodon hystrix)

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