Monday, September 20, 2010

Thanks a lot, 49er's

The air is still dead-algal. Yay.

In other news, class was easy today. Pete talked a lot about the history of environmental policy in the U.S., which is a refreshing change because I know most of it. However, he seemed to have distinctly opposite opinions of prominent public figures from Sean Watts, my policy-minded environmental sciences instructor. It was a nice change. Yosemite was discussed at length, again, refreshing because I knew all of that history as well, being a Californian. Our second class was cancelled so I had time for an hour nap before lunch.

My group ventured out to a divespot called Huey, Dewey, and Loius, or HDL to snorkel for our first reef fish ID session. The spot is named for its 3 protruding rocks that look like triplets. The water was gorgeous and there were so many coral strewn about the rocky bottom! Purple fans, wavy finger-like corals, brain corals, yellow leaves, and so many more. It was disappointing to not have my camera with me. I can't wait until we're allowed to bring them along. Sorry, no pictures until then :( The reef fish were a myriad of different colors, stripe and spot patterns, sizes and shapes. Unlike anything I've ever seen or read before. It was a little confusing, trying to learn them all by latin scientific names, but we struggled through and saw a few squid and rays in the process. Another group saw a pair of spotted eagle rays though, something I have been straining to see since I got here. Oh well, next time!

The sunset was absolutely brilliant, and a group of us powered through the readings so we could watch Monday Night Football at Chicken Bar. The 49er's vs. the Saints. But, alas, they haven't been able to pull through with several botched plays and easy mistakes and it was a disappointing attitude within the bar. Fried chicken and a Pepsi were delicious around the 2nd quarter, along with some dominos and local conversation. Just another night out with the boys. Around 3rd quarter, a bar fight broke out outside, a pretty intense one too. Such a rare occasion on this island, as almost every single heated encounter is strictly verbal. One fighter that we knew said he hadn't fought with anyone in 10 years, and he would be a likely candidate for frequent fights. After an eventful evening, we headed home at curfew to watch the rest of the game in internet updates and the niners just can't seem to get it together. They're heading into the last 2 minutes losing as we speak. Go 49ers, but lets have a better game next time, shall we?

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