Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lookout, Cookout!

Saturday's are fairly leisurely, despite the fact that they still count for part of our schooling. We wake up an hour later than usual and have an hour to clean up the Center. I was part of the waterfront crew and FINALLY got to be part of waterfront clean up, something I didnt get to do at camp. After some boat scrubbing and hard core snorkel-cleaning, it was time to head back for our actual snorkel. We went back to Admiral's Aquarium to snorkel recreationally and this time we were allowed to bring cameras. I took a few but the camera died so the ones here are all I have. I'll get more later from Hilarys camera.

Southern Stingray

Chase and I
 The colors underwater are just fabulous and the reef fish are so brilliant in color, its truly like diving in an aquarium.

After snorkeling and lunch, we went to East Bay, a bay just north of us to do some more snorkeling and a bonus ID session for our mangrove ecology. Our small group is rocking the scientific names and the studying comes easy because everyone is in the same situation. We had more time to snorkel around while the staff was preparing a beach cookout for us. Hamburgers and brownies tasted absolutely scrumptous after a long day of snorkeling. East Bay has a small patch reef that I went back to 3 times before dinner so my legs were aching from all the fin kicking. We had a great time at the cookout, made some marshmallow s'mores and compared camp songs and activities to be able to share with the local kids next saturday. Ive worked at boyscout camp, Lizzie and Ben worked at Christian camps and Sarah and Serena worked at nature camps. Surprisingly, almost all of our songs were known by the another student/staff member. But there are a surprising amount of songs that are just nonsense. We all shared our nonsense songs while the van was on its way back to pick us up.

The crew

By the time I got back, most of the other students had already gone out for their Saturday night. I realized just how tired I was and decided not to go out with the rest of the group. The internet finally came back on and so I stayed in updating my blog, reading for this weekend, and I got a lovely phonecall from Nick while everyone was out. At midnight, the whole group got back with some very ridiculous stories of their times. Several girls went dancing with the locals, who happen to be very...involved...dancers and had to get rescued several times by the guys in our group. All in all, I was bummed I didnt go out with all my friends, but it was nice to stay in and relax for the evening, Ive been absolutely exhausted. And the phonecall was nice :) Next saturday I will have to prepare my energy better and not be so tired when 9 o clock comes around.

In other news, the UV here is so strong that it has faded my nailpolish that I've only had on for a week. It used to be a strong pink coral and now its close to light strawberry sherbet. :(

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  1. Sounds like every day is a new adventure! I can't imagine having to learn all those complicated names though...guess that's why you get academic credits :) Please email me the phone there, along with best times to call, in case I ever want to reach you:) Keep up with the fabulous blog--you write so expressively, we all LOVE it! xoxo