Saturday, September 4, 2010

1 Ticket to Paradise

It is 18 hours prior to departure and I am finally starting to get anxious. Not anxiety in the sense that I'm not packed or forgetting things. Quite the opposite in fact, I've had everything purchased for 2 weeks now and I packed everything last night. My anxiety finally kicked in because I've been waiting so long! I have been hanging around beautiful, sunny Laguna Beach for the last week with absolutely nothing to do besides a few chores here and there, trips to Walmart for magazines to read on the plane and nail files, reading Izzy's blog from London. Small things like that. But now it has gotten really hot in Southern California. Its too hot to sit outside or go for a bike ride. So I have been inside, re-reading all my documents for the program, connecting with those students who will be on my flight, reading all my camera and dive equiptment manuals, and preparing the house for my dad's work party that we are throwing tonight. I am not anxious because I am nervous or worried, I am anxious because its time.

It's finally time to set sail for the Caribbean for 3 months and submerge myself both above and underwater in education, excitement, community interaction, new friends, beautiful scenery, and the thing I love most, the ocean. Keep reading everyone, and I'll see you on the other side!


  1. Bah. I hope you have fun. If I were with you in Laguna Beach, I'd take you to the amazing restaurants. Yeah. I spend too much time in LA/OC haha.

  2. Well at least my blog posts are literally novels so you had plenty of reading material :) I have oodles to tell you!! There are so many instances where I think "Kat would LOVE this" or "Kat should be here"! I do want to say that it is not fair that you'll be all tanned and gorgeous when you get back and I'll be all pale and tired

  3. Have a blast! Be sure to share plenty of photos.